Media Tumult, Masculinity, Failure, and Fatherhood — with Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper, CNN’s chief Washington correspondent and host of the weekday television news show “The Lead,” joins Scott to discuss his latest book, “All The Demons Are Here,” along with his thoughts on the current media landscape and the upcoming presidential election. We also hear about Jake’s professional successes and failures, and get his take on being a good father and partner. Follow Jake on Twitter, @jaketapper.

Scott opens by addressing a viral Washington Post essay on masculinity that featured his insights on young men and the challenges they face. Additionally, he offers recommendations for supporting and empowering that cohort – noting that compassion is not a zero-sum game. Follow the author of that essay on Twitter, @ChristineEmba.

Algebra of Happiness: forgive yourself, a lot of failures aren’t your fault.