Conversations in Review: AI, Geopolitics, and Lifestyle Revelations

We’ve made it to our final episode of 2023! Please enjoy as we highlight a few of the blue flame thinkers who joined us on the pod this year.

Episodes in order of guest appearances:

Conversation with Mustafa Suleyman — The Proliferation of AI & the Next Wave of Technology

The Promises and Perils of Neurotechnology – with Nita Farahany

Behind the Scenes of SVB’s Collapse + A Vision for America — with Ro Khanna

The State of Play: Markets, Economy, and Ukraine & China’s Growing Power, US Diplomacy, and Ukraine’s Counteroffensive — with Ian Bremmer

Conversation with Fareed Zakaria — The Conflict in Israel and the State of Foreign Affairs

Capitalism, Private Equity, and the Seven Deadly Sins — with Stephen Dubner

The Psychology of Money — with Morgan Housel

Conversation with Jennifer B. Wallace — What to Do About Toxic Achievement Culture

How to Get Unstuck — with Adam Alter

Conversation with Jennifer Cohen — Building Healthy Habits and Staying Confident

Understanding AI’s Threats and Opportunities — with Mo Gawdat

Masculinity, Media, and How to Citizen – with Baratunde Thurston

Conversation with Simon Sinek — Finding Your Why, Feeling Stuck, and Building Strong Leaders

Scott closes by thanking YOU for supporting the Prof G Pod in 2023.