Stoicism and Celebrating Success ft. Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is a media strategist and the author of ten books including The Obstacle Is the Way, Ego Is the Enemy, The Daily Stoic, Conspiracy, and Stillness is the Key. He joins Scott to discuss how the four virtues of stoicism (courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom) are integrated into everyday life. Ryan also shares what stoicism has taught him about fatherhood. Follow him on Twitter, @RyanHoliday

Scott opens with his thoughts on Google’s Career Certificates and what companies need to do in order for ed tech to fully take off. He also discusses the IPO market and Disney’s seven-year agreement with the NHL. 

This Week’s Office Hours: the negative externalities of paywalls, opportunities for Apple to innovate, applying “don’t keep score” to your professional life, and maintaining work-life balance. 

Algebra of Happiness: Mark your wins with indelible ink.