The Great Grift

Lina Khan, an associate professor of law at Columbia Law School, joins Scott to discuss the latest around Big Tech’s unchecked power and the broader effects of monopolistic behavior on the economy. She shares her thoughts on how break ups could benefit the markets, why traditional antitrust laws aren’t necessarily suited for the digital market, and how the dynamics of antitrust have changed over the past couple of years. Follow Lina on Twitter, @linamkhan.

Scott begins by outlining how we could have used our $5 trillion stimulus effort to prop up Americans who needed the most help, rather than letting the rich get richer. Related Reading: The Great Grift.

This Week’s Office Hours: why Big Tech probably won’t make a move in the DTC genetic testing market and how rundles increase a company’s valuation. Have a question for Scott? 

Algebra of Happiness: demonstrate more grace.