Netflix’s New Entertainment Venues & Scott’s Takeaways from Cannes

Scott shares his thoughts on the new “Netflix Houses” and why he thinks Netflix has some of the most valuable IP in the entertainment industry. Then Scott talks about his experience at Cannes Lions and what the festival has demonstrated about the state of the advertising industry.

The Changing World Order & the Power of Diversification — ft. Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio, founder of the largest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates, joins the show to break down America’s place in a shifting world order. He discusses the mechanics of the U.S. deficit, and identifies an asset he’d go long on to hedge against economically uncertain times. He also shares personal tips on how he developed a saving mentality long before he became one of the most successful investors of all time.

Raspberry Pi’s London IPO & Mistral’s $640M Funding Round

Scott shares his thoughts on why Raspberry Pi chose to list on the London Stock Exchange and what its debut means for the UK market. Then Scott and Ed break down Mistral’s new funding round and discuss whether its valuation is deserved. They also take a look at the healthcare tech firm, Tempus AI, and consider if the company is participating in AI-washing.

How FOMO, Doom, and Ego Impact Your Money — ft. Morgan Housel

Morgan Housel, New York Times bestselling author of “The Psychology of Money,” joins the show to break down some of the worst traits an investor can have. He also discusses the difference between being wealthy and being rich, how to deal with uncertainty in the markets, and how he thinks about giving money to his kids.

The Texas Stock Exchange + Is Short Selling a Dying Strategy?

Scott shares his thoughts on why the new Texas Stock Exchange could be an appealing choice for certain companies. He also explains how it’s a symptom of a larger issue: the politicization of everything. Then Scott and Ed break down the role that short sellers have historically played in the market and why the unprecedented bull run of the past 15 years has diminished the strategy’s returns.