Prof G Markets: Tesla’s Value Destruction, Crowdstrike and Cybersecurity, and Bankruptcies

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott reflects on Sam Bankman-Fried’s DealBook Summit interview. He then explains why the cybersecurity sector is practically recession-proof, and shares his thoughts on how Elon Musk’s antics at Twitter will cause Tesla’s stock to get cut in half. And in this week’s unpack, we learn about how bankruptcies work, and whether Musk might file for one at Twitter.

Prof G Markets: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Consumer Culture

In this special edition of Prof G Markets, Scott shares his childhood experience of holiday sales, as well as his thoughts on a new retail tactic that’s driving consumers to stores. We also hear from Katherine Cullen, the senior director of industry and consumer insights for the National Retail Federation, on the state of retail sales in an inflationary, post-corona economy. Scott closes out the show with advice to those who’ve been laid off ahead of this week’s unemployment numbers.

Prof G Markets: Target and Walmart Earnings, Hedge Funds and Pinterest, and Estée Lauder Buys Tom Ford

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott explains why Target and Walmart had such contrasting earnings reports for the third quarter, and offers his insight on Target’s brand strategy. He then shares his thoughts on why hedge funds might be buying up shares of Pinterest, and whether hedge fund disclosures are worth paying attention to for the typical investor. Scott also examines Estée Lauder’s acquisition of Tom Ford, and gives advice to entrepreneurs on how to gauge when it’s time to sell a company.

Prof G Markets: The Failure of FTX, Why HBO Will be Acquired, and the Cannabis Industry

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott shares his thoughts on how Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto exchange FTX came crashing down like a house of cards. He then explains what Disney’s earnings reveal about a streaming market headed for consolidation, and why HBO makes for an appealing acquisition target. And in this week’s Unpack, we check in on the cannabis industry after the recent midterms, and learn where the investment opportunities might be.

Prof G Markets: Upheaval at Twitter, Airbnb and Uber Earnings, and the Chinese Markets

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott shares his thoughts on Elon’s proposed changes to Twitter so far and explains why enabling paywalled videos like OnlyFans is a good idea. He then makes the argument for why Airbnb is one of the best-performing companies in the world, and how Uber might turn profitable at long last. Finally, Ed and Scott check in on the state of the Chinese markets under the relentless zero-covid policy.

Prof G Markets: Adidas’ Crisis Management, Google and Meta Earnings, and Market Moving Fed Speeches

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott deciphers where the investment opportunity might be after Adidas severed ties with Kanye West. He also breaks down how Google did so poorly in the third quarter, and why Meta now looks like a distressed asset. And in this week’s unpack, we learn about how investors react to Fed chair speeches, plus what to listen for at Jerome Powell’s next press conference.

Prof G Markets: Goldman Sachs Restructures its Businesses + Restaurant NFTs, and Nikola’s Securities Fraud Saga

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott explains why Goldman Sachs is refocusing on its asset management business and scaling back its efforts in consumer banking. He then shares his thoughts on why catering to the 1% continues to be a lucrative business model, even as it sows inequality of opportunity. And in this week’s unpack, we learn about why the CEO of Nikola was just convicted of securities fraud.

Prof G Markets: Margin Calls, Private Jets, Meta Teams Up With Microsoft, and Unpacking the Fed

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott explains why margin calls may have played a role in John Foley’s departure from Peloton. He then offers his thoughts on Meta’s continued pursuit of the metaverse, and shares his experience of owning and selling a private jet amid a red-hot private aviation market. Finally, in this week’s unpack, we answer a question some listeners might be afraid to ask: what is the Fed?