Prof G Markets: (HBO) Max, Chipotle & Cava’s IPO, Private Equity’s Public Sales, and the TikTok Ban

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott shares his thoughts on what he thinks is the worst ever rebrand: HBO’s shift to Max. He then takes a look at fast casual restaurant Cava’s IPO filing and examines why its competitor Chipotle is one of the best performing stocks this year. Scott also discusses why private equity firms hold on to shares of companies in the public markets (hint: it’s a racket). Finally, in this week’s Unpack, we hear about each of the legal challenges Montana’s TikTok ban will face.

Prof G Markets: The Writers’ Strike, the Art of the Earnings Call, & Microsoft’s Nuclear Fusion Bet

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott shares his thoughts on how the business model of television has changed, and why the new model gives the studios the upper hand in the writers’ strike. He then explains the importance of positioning a company as the hunter on an earnings call, rather than the hunted — particularly amid this AI hype cycle. Finally, he takes a look at Microsoft’s agreement to buy energy from Helion, a nuclear fusion startup, and shares why nuclear is an area he’d invest in.

Prof G Markets: The FDIC Limit, the Coinbase Lawsuit, and the Business of Formula 1

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott shares his thoughts on Vice’s imminent bankruptcy, Hindenburg’s latest short position, and Chegg’s battered stock. He then discusses raising the FDIC limit and the potential consolidation of the banking industry, and weighs in on a lawsuit accusing Coinbase insiders of dumping shares soon after its direct listing. Finally, he discusses the growing success of Formula 1 in the U.S., and tells a story of his time at the Miami race last year.

Prof G Markets: Fox’s Stock After Tucker Carlson, J&J’s IPO Roadshow, and Google and Meta’s Earnings

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott shares his thoughts on why Fox doesn’t need Tucker Carlson, even if the markets reacted poorly to his departure. He then sheds light on how companies prepare for IPOs, and takes a look at Google and Meta’s first quarter results, which seem promising for digital advertising. Finally, in this week’s Unpack, we take a look at the innovator’s dilemma and why it’s punishing the king of search.

Prof G Markets: Paying for Crypto’s Sins — with Mike Novogratz

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott speaks with Mike Novogratz, the founder and CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, about crypto sociopaths and what it was like to look Sam Bankman-Fried in the eye just weeks before FTX’s collapse. They also discuss what’s next for Binance, government regulations, and why Mike doesn’t want Bitcoin to go to $1 million any time soon.

Prof G Markets: Liquidity and Portfolio Management in an Inflationary Decade — With Lyn Alden

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott speaks with Lyn Alden, an independent analyst and full time investor, about banking regulations, the promises of borderless bitcoin technology, and her three pillar investment strategy. They also discuss the productivity gains of AI, opportunities in mispriced assets, and how commercial real estate is unraveling like a slow motion train wreck.

Prof G Markets: First Citizens Acquires SVB, Hindenburg Shorts Block, and Nike vs. Hermès

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott shares his thoughts on Silicon Valley Bank’s new owner and explains why distressed assets are some of the best places to invest. He also shares his thoughts on why he thinks Hindenburg’s latest short position might be a reach, and takes a look at the latest earnings from specialty retail including Lululemon, Nike, and Hermès.

Prof G Markets: Why TikTok Will Be Spun, Credit Suisse, the Big Bitcoin Bet, and Blank Street Coffee

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott explains why he thinks TikTok is headed for a spin-out rather than a ban. He then breaks down Credit Suisse’s spectacular fall from grace and shares his thoughts on the million dollar bet on bitcoin and hyper inflation. We close out with a look at Blank Street Coffee’s brand strategy after its latest funding round.

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